Fast Hosting Included Free With New Sites

We offer a FREE, Fast Hosting Package with all our new sites on our premium servers! Our servers are not overloaded, so they run smoothly and without downtime. Furthermore, our fast hosting servers have the latest software to protect your site from hackers and spammers. Your success reflects well on our services so you can count on us to support you with the best in hosting.

All Hosting Is Not Created Equal

All hosting is not created equal. Fast hosting depends on many things to be dependable. Fast hosting requires protection software, such as hacker protection, spammer protection and backup software to be safe. As a result, all our servers include 4 CPU Cores – 8 Total Threads, cPanel included for easy management of your shared server, full management of your server by our staff is included and much more.


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Everything Is Included With Our Fast Hosting Servers

First of all, we don’t charge you extra for such things as an SSL certificate, cPanel admin and email addresses. To manage your site we include a file manager, FTP accounts and MySQL databases. We also include spam email filters and website stats monitors. Finally, for technical features we also include multiple PHP versions, cron jobs and the many other features that are necessary to make your site a success.

We Have Many Fast Hosting Options Available

Hosting is the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more websites. You are renting space on a computer with specialized software to host sites. Our free hosting package is shared hosting. As a result, you are sharing space on a computer with other sites. All the sites on that computer will have the same server configuration. We can also offer VPS hosting, which is a separate partition for each site on a server, and a dedicated server, which is a computer dedicated to only your own sites. You may add as many sites as will fit to your dedicated server and set your own server configurations.

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